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New and installed base customers alike are turning to SAP to help them get access to SAP innovations in a more efficient way with long term total cost of ownership in mind before the project even gets under way. With the new next generation of SAP MaxAttention model we offer them a framework to accomplish this.

Agile project principles, software pre-configuration, technology accelerators and specialized services are being leveraged in a holistic way to speed up deployments and reduce costs and risk for our customers.

In a joint approach the customer and SAP teams dive into an assessment of the customers market environment and identify and prioritize their business processes with the goal to group them into Foundational, Extension and Differentiating processes. This will allow all parties to put things into perspective and down the road to allocate the right resources, effort and budget to foster a spirit of innovation while keeping the attention on generic areas to the minimum required to be successful.

This priorization is followed by a detailed solutioning, conducted by SAP industry experts familiar with the extended SAP portfolio fit to meet the business requirements of the customers industry vertical. This not only takes into consideration the SAP applications, but will make sure that the right solution alternatives are selected for the customer taking into consideration the long-term SAP roadmap to make sure investments are future proof.

This then is followed by the identification of suitable accelerators for these solutions which in turn are then pre-assembled and staged for the customer either in the cloud or on premise as a ready-to-go clean slate model company for the customer. While there are many examples where the SAP platform offers choice, there is in many cases no need for the implementation team to spend time identifying the ideal combination of application components. The application architecture is already defined from SAP side and ready to be staged for the customer.

While new customers instantly see the value in this approach, installed base customers would like to see a way to leverage this concept for their benefit as well. If they choose to protect the investments done in their IT environment they can opt to use parts of their existing environment as qualified model company, focusing on the simplification or innovation part of the current landscape with well-established processes. This then can be tied into or enhanced with accelerators for differentiating point processes where they want to focus their attention on.

After the staging customer and SAP teams join hands to identify perceived functional gaps and close knowledge gaps to ensure functional gaps are not really solution know how gaps which would have resulted in system modifications that would add complexity and additional maintenance effort where actually not required. Upon the conclusion of the verification of functional gaps and hopefully an elimination of a large number of them, the findings are transitioned into the build phase where the delta requirements can be blueprinted and designed in a highly accelerated fashion leveraging the best practice blueprint documents as a baseline.

Choosing this approach helps customers to ensure maximum standardization for the Build and Run phase with faster time-to-value through pre-configuration, project accelerators and cloud deployment. Therefore, the next generation of SAP MaxAttention starts every implementation where possible with the model company. In addition we committed to constantly improve existing model companies and SAP best practice solutions based on implementation experiences using a feedback channel to SAP development and SAP best practice organizations.

If you’d like to learn more about this process, please join us at SAPPHIRE for a demo theater presentation (20424 – Accelerate Time to Implementation) at 4:30 in the SAP Service and Support Center followed immediately by a workshop in our workshop room right next to the demo theater. If you’d like to register for our workshop, or need additional information, please contact us at:

We hope to see you at SAPPHIRE!

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