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A big thank you to all the participants of the 5th virtual SAP Enterprise Support Day.

More than 1,700 visitors on our landing page showed an interest in joining our event on March 20, 2019. The numbers speak for themselves. The great interest and commitment, along with the positive feedback received from the global SAP (Enterprise) Support community reconfirm the excellent results for this virtual event.

During this year’s edition on March 20, 2019, attendees worldwide were able to explore how SAP is empowering companies to adopt the vision of the intelligent enterprise with outcome-targeted services and proactive support offerings. In 42 single meet-the-expert sessions in total, conducted by just as many different speakers, in 5 languages, time-shifted, and all during one day, it was demonstrated how intelligent enterprises can make use of their unique affinity for differentiating themselves with new capabilities, skills, and technology.

The virtual event was a great opportunity for SAP customers to hear about the latest and emerging technology innovations with presentations on SAP Enterprise Support and the Intelligent Enterprise, Next-Generation Support, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder, SAP Solution Manager, and the new SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, all being supported by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

Just to name some of the event highlights. More than 1,300 registrants from 60 different countries attended almost 3,500 sessions, both live and on-demand. Participants from 520 different companies downloaded the presentation material more than 2,000 times. On average, customers attended 4 different sessions, submitted 150 content questions and have been asked for their satisfaction, 86% of respondents awarded the two best available ratings.

Couldn’t attend the live event? Check out the replays provided by SAP Enterprise Support Academy, packaged by region and language and learn how to leverage the latest SAP innovations and how to transform business with the help of SAP Enterprise Support. All SAP Enterprise Support and SAP PSLE customers that are registered in the SAP Learning Hub can access the replays.

Asia Pacific (APJ)
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Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
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Latin America (LA)
Portuguese   Spanish

North America (NA)

For everyone else, please follow the link here to listen to the educational recordings of the day. Please keep in mind, in order to watch the recordings, registration is still needed.