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A new point counter has been launched to keep track of annual contribution points.

Watch your contribution grow ...

On April 28, a personalized annual point counter was launched on the SAP Community Network's left hand navigation, under the contributor corner.  Upon log-in, it's now possible to see how many points you personally contributed to the United Nations World Food Programme's Food for Education fund.  The countdown began January 1, 2008, and will continue for a full calendar year.  

Before some of you get back to me and start to discuss the risk of focusing on points, let me share the following with you.

We had developed this (WFP) programme in 2007 to remind all of us of the altruistic colour of community and to re-emphasize contribution and quality. We scrutinized all activities and dropped the ones, which focused apparently and principally on points. In the last months we upgraded the forums and wiki to a more scalable version with more back office and end-user services. We have grown our network of moderators & mentors and now are mounted to grow to the next level.

Within 2 weeks we will launch a programme, called Community Projects, which supersedes the 'Topic of the Month'. Parallel to this, the forums will be reorganized, the wikis and their moderators will be better enabled to recognize your contribution = assign points.

Let me stop here to not over-announce. So stay tuned and provide your feedback.