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U.S. Roots

The world continues to expand and speed up, and keeping it fed is serious business. United States based J.R. Simplot has been in the business of providing quality food – frozen, dehydrated, and fresh – for almost 100 years. The founder, ‘Jack’ Simplot, started the business in 1923 at the age of 14. The cornerstone of his business was the humble and tasty potato.

By the beginning of World War II, Simplot was providing millions of pounds of dehydrated onions and potatoes to the U.S. military. But things really took off with the invention of the first commercially viable frozen French fry in the 1940’s. Perfecting the potato has been a passion for the company and the long French fries that we see today are a product of that dedication. Most of us have enjoyed this golden goodness at least once as Simplot is the major supplier of fast food giant, McDonald’s.

Expansion of Product and Availability

But J.R. Simplot did not rest on their success with the potato in the United States. They have expanded their business to include a variety of products such as feed, fertilizer, vegetables, grains, avocados, and fruit; all available to commercial providers. They have also expanded their range beyond US borders. Simplot has interests from Canada to Latin America; and out in the Pacific region from Australia to China. Of course, each one of these subsidiaries serves a market with its own unique flare and taste, but each retains the dedication to provide a hungry public with good, wholesome food.

Simplot Korea

One of the global subsidiaries is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Simplot Korea operates with a small and dedicated staff of employees. Running their import, wholesale, and retail business in a competitive market requires a nimble and well informed salesforce. And in a global digital economy, that means real-time analytics in finance, logistics, and sales data. The combined business requirements of visibility, powerful analytics, and high-speed performance led Simplot Korea to choose SAP Business One as their ERP solution.

This transparency has led to some impressive numbers (50% higher sales productivity, 50% faster financial closings), but the heart of this is Simplot Korea’s embrace of cutting edge technology in the most fundamental of industries – food production. They were able to deploy their solution in just 4 months with the help of their partner, FineSoft.

As the world continues to grow in population, companies like Simplot Korea will work to meet their need for nutritious food. By innovating their approach to their business, they now have a scalable platform to help them grow.


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