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The vast majority of organizations fail to realize the potential benefits of the projects that they pursue. These projects often take too long, overrun their budgets, and fail to deliver their promised value. 

In fact according to several studies:

  • 73% of companies do not measure the value derived from the software applications they implement
  • 50% achieve the projected value from their business initiatives later than planned and a whopping
  • 83% miss their targeted benefits altogether.

This is exactly what the SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution is intended to address:


SAP Rapid Deployment solutions include a package of preconfigured software, content, and end user enablement plus implementation services so customers can:

  • Quickly address specific business needs.
  • Move forward with clearly priced and scoped implementation services – measured in just days or weeks – for maximum solution predictability & lower risk.
  • Further accelerate time to value with SAP best practices, templates, and tools to help ensure timeliness and outcomes.
  • Speed end-user adoption with guides and educational material to train internal stakeholders.

With this particular solution customers can leverage SAP’s proven value management methodology and prebuilt strategy templates together with the SAP Strategy Management application to jump-start and then better manage software application implementation, migration and other performance improvement programs.

The SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution was originally conceived to enable a three-step value management process. In this process customers begin by selecting and completing one of approximately 30 SAP benchmarking surveys. These surveys require customers to identify a peer group to which they want to be compared.  They then complete questions pertaining to KPI performance and best practices.  Upon completion of the survey their responses are analyzed and in a few days they receive a detailed analysis of their responses and how they compare to their peers. Using this report customers (or through working directly with SAP Business Transformation experts) can pinpoint those areas where they need to improve performance and they are provided with proven best practices they can chose to adopt to achieve these improvements. 

At this point customers know (1) where they need to make performance improvements and (2) a roadmap for getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’;, and can leverage the SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution to manage the process improvement projects.  Customers load up the pre-defined content (objectives, KPIs and best practices) into SAP Strategy Management and then helps them better manage their performance improvement initiatives.

SAP Strategy Management allows customers to better oversee and manage initiatives so they can optimize the results from adopting these best practices.  Because Strategy Management is also available on the iPad you can also keep your workers engaged when they are working remotely.

With SAP Strategy Management you have a tool that all your employees can access to view and update key initiatives.  This helps keep everyone focused on common goals and KPIs.  Drill down features help identify the root cause of performance problems and alerts mean you have more chance of quickly resolving issues before they grow into more significant problems.

Customers can choose either SAP or trusted partners for implementation services, hardware, hosting cloud options, and financing.  They can be up and running with the SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution in less than 12 weeks.  This is of course, a very quick time to value.  More importantly though is what this means to customers in terms of the value they are getting out of the business initiatives they will manage with this solution.

To learn more about SAP Value Realization Management rapid-deployment solution, go to the SAP Service MarketPlace (s-users required)   

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