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Growing up we had five kids in my family and as you can imagine, many strange things happened throughout the years. I remember my Mother saying: "Now, I’ve seen everything” only to have something else occur that would cause her to repeat this again and again. So, if you believe you have seen everything, seeing the SAP Visual Enterprise solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW will have you rethinking this!


Can you imagine visualizing an entire Boeing 787 on a laptop or iPad and doing a virtual walk-through to any point in the jet or to view any bolt or rivet? Using 3D interactive product models with billions of polygons is no problem for the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer. Try this on your CAD system and I guarantee you will “freeze” your computer…or at best wait a very very long time. But, you might ask: “Why would you want to visualize such a large model on a PC?” Well, if you are Gulfstream selling customized $50+ million dollar private jets, your customer wants to see what their G6 will actually look like in varied configurations, with different materials and in a variety of colors - you certainly don’t want to build 3 jets just to show them their options.

In our ever expanding 3D world of games, movies and television, the discerning buyer wants to see things as they really are, to experience them as if they are right in front of them and to envision themselves interacting with the product they are about to buy. Try doing this with words and pictures. SAP Visual Enterprise will give prospective buyers that “real” experience and as we all know seeing is believing! So, Mom, you have not seen it all, at least not until you have seen the Visual Enterprise solutions at SAPPHIRE NOW.

See the Visual Enterprise in action at SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid (November 13th – 16th):

  •   The Empowered Enterprise with 3-D Views of Business Information:
    • SAP Demo Theater: Nov 13th at 11:00 am and Nov 14th at 4:00 pm.
  • Utilization of Visualization in R&D, Manufacturing and Service:
    • Micro forum discussion on Nov 15th at 1:00 pm.
  • Experience live demos throughout the event with a Line of Business and Industry focus:
  • Hear how the Roechling Automotive RAPID program reduced PDM process steps from 14 to 1:
    • A theater presentation on Nov 13th at 4:30pm


For more information, visit:

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