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Last week SAP NetWeaver MDM development released a pretty cool new tool called "MDM Info Collector". It speeds up message processing quite a bit. It’s goal is to make customers' lives much easier when they face a problem and need to report a SAP customer message

The tool supports MDM 7.1 SP3 and higher - so customers being on this release level can use it immediately for their message creation needs. As a result of discovering a problem with SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM), the customer would like to send information that is related to his system to SAP Customer Support so that an offline analysis of the problem can be performed.

The new MDM Info Collector can be run either interactively or in a command line mode. The tool creates a snapshot of MDM for offline failure analysis – once it’s finished its work, a zip file containing all collected information (e.g. INI-files, logs, repository data and so on) has been created and can then be attached to the customer message. This “one step” information collection saves a lot of time on both sides (customer and SAP) for the message processing – SAP immediately has all the initial information to start analyzing the problem.

In the SAP Note 1522125 there are download instructions for the software itself plus a How-To Guide describing how to set it up. Configuration is fairly simple and doesn’t require more than one screen to make the required settings for the collector (see below).