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Do you have questions about how to download software?  Request license keys?  Maybe you would like to find out how to accelerate a message?  CIC is your answer!

There are a number of pages within the SAP Support Portal that allow you to provide feedback. This feedback channel has frequently been used to ask how-to questions surrounding the SAP Support Portal applications.  We have updated the feedback page to provide you with the necessary information to contact our Customer Interaction Center.  In this way, your questions will be addressed quickly and efficiently by Portal application experts so that you can get on with your SAP Support Portal related tasks.

And don’t forget these useful links:

By selecting Question regarding the SAP Support Portal? from the dropdown options in the Feedback form, you are now provided with a link to the Contact SAP online form.

The Contact SAP online form allows you easy access to our Customer Interaction Center team, who are available 24/7.  You can use the form to create a request, ask a question, or request a service.  You can also find phone numbers to contact our Customer Interaction Center directly. 

Make sure to bookmark this link to the CIC online form: