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SAP is undergoing a transformation. We are renewing our dedication to helping you meet the needs of your end users. We’re achieving this by increasing our user experience (UX) sensibility across our entire organization.

In order to achieve our vision we need to go way beyond software development. Knowledge Management (KM) – the team focused on User Assistance (UA) and product documentation – is similarly participating in this organization-wide transformation. We want to understand how our customers – big or small – uniquely interact with and engage with our content.

One of KM’s biggest challenges to support the rollout of new enterprise software is getting our users population up-to-speed quickly and adeptly. We recognize your need for fast and efficient ways to learn your way around software applications and their new and updated features.

We are dedicated to improving your experience by introducing more engaging content embedded directly in the User Interface (UI). Our User Assistance strategy needs to meet these 5 characteristics:


KM also knows there are better ways for you to learn beyond just words on a page, and sifting through volumes robo-speak documentation can be frustrating when you’re in a hurry to get work done. We get that.

That’s why we’d like to talk to about all of this. Whether it’s to establish satisfaction ratings, performing usability testing, or just understanding your use case, we want to learn from your experience. We want to use this customer data to refine our UA strategy.

In 2016 we’d like to meet with you virtually, or in person. The insights we gain from you will be merged with the very best of the design thinking process. And the goal is to discover, design, and deliver a delightful content experience that supports the work you do.


If the prospect of customer-centric user assistance content excites you, join SAP Mobile KM as we begin our UA transformation story. Contact today, and let’s start a conversation.