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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

While most SAP Screen Personas projects result in people having access to simplified screens that improve their productivity and make them happier about using SAP, occasionally this is not the case. If you follow the best practices (widely documented on SCN, our knowledge base, and, openSAP) you can expect a smooth process, with a measurable business outcome. If you ignore our proven tips for success, you may encounter some of the issues we describe in the following Productivity Power Play episodes.

Productivity Power Play episode 15: Simplify the Process First (watch now)

Peter Spielvogel and Tamas Hoznek talk about the importance of simplifying your business process first, before you start modifying any screens with SAP Screen Personas or other UX solution. Peter shares what happened when a customer did not simplify their process before building screens.

Productivity Power Play episode 16: Know the Product Capabilities and Limitations (watch now)

Tobias Queck and Peter Spielvogel discuss the importance of understanding the capabilities of SAP Screen Personas before defining or changing the scope of a project. Tobias speaks about the importance of setting the right expectations for all stakeholders and tells a story of how feature creep in a project turned delighted users into unhappy customers.

Productivity Power Play episode 17: Project Preparation and Design (watch now)

Tamas Hoznek and Peter Spielvogel discuss what must happen before starting the implementation phase of your SAP Screen Personas project. Tamas describes what occurred when the visual design was done without sufficient understanding of the underlying system and SAP work flows.

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Watch Productivity Power Play episode 17

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