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In our previous community blogs on 'Predictive and Preventative Support we shared updates on how Hot & Trending content is live in the SAP Support Portal and within the Support Assistant.  In SAP for Me you can now view Hot & Trending content recommendations that are System-specific in SAP for Me!

The "System-specific SAP Notes/KBAs" card presents a list of Hot and Trending solutions associated with software products for a selected system to the S-User in SAP for Me.  The solutions are sorted and prioritized by Hot solution types (Business critical) together with the S-User software product favorites if maintained.

What does this mean for you?

It gives the user the chance to see specific solution content for the system and associated products they are interested in. Hot solutions address a business-critical situation and will alert the customer about the issue but also provide a solution.  Trending KBAs/Notes are based on the trending engine which checks the number of views. If there is a recent spike in the number of views, it is considered Trending.

What is displayed in the System-specific SAP Notes/KBAs SAP for ME card?

The card is located in the Systems & Provisioning section of SAP for Me and displays Preventative content relevant for your specific selected System.  The content is prioritized by Type and Software Product areas you have marked as a Software Product Favourite.

How to view the content recommendations card in SAP for Me:

Option 1 How to navigate to the System-specific SAP Notes/KBAs card

  1. Navigate to:  Systems & Provisioning Systems

  2. Select a System ID from the list

  3. Select the Support Tab

  4. If there is any content that has been marked as "Hot" or has been tagged by the Trending engine for the product(s) associated with that System, the content will show in the card

  5. You can then click to view the specific KBA.

Option 2: How to navigate to the system-specific SAP Notes/KBAs

  1. First, select one of your starred System favorites which brings you straight to your System general overview page.

  2. Second, click on the Support tab and view your content recommendations.  It’s that easy!

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