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The below statements and/or terms should not be part of your partner-to-customer maintenance agreement:

  • Customer Center of Expertise – CCOE is not applicable for the indirect customer scenario since you, the support authorized VAR, is providing the center of expertise for the end-customer

  • SAP is accountable for Service Level Agreement (SLA) breach – the maintenance contract is between you, the VAR, and the end-customer. Therefore, the reseller cannot make SAP responsible for potential breaches of SLAs

  • SAP is the direct support contact for your maintenance customer – you, the reseller delivering maintenance support, are the first point of contact for your maintenance customers

  • SAP is responsible for other levels of support other than service level 3 – According to the support level definitions outlined in SAP PartnerEdge VAR Delivered Support Specific Terms and Conditions. Support agreement (former Exhibit 4), Appendix “Support Services”, the reseller is obliged to perform First and Second Level Support Software (for definition and content of support levels, please see Appendix “Support Services”).

  • Continuous Quality Checks (CQC) – CQCs are not applicable to the indirect customer scenario. Your Enterprise Support customers have access to the Technical Quality Check portfolio instead.

  • Service Level Agreements differ from the ones outlined in SAP PartnerEdge VAR Delivered Support Specific Terms and Conditions. Support agreement included in your PartnerEdge agreement – unless your SLAs provided to your maintenance customers top the ones implied by SAP you must comply with the SLAs outlined in the VAR-D Terms & Conditions agreement.

Further, do not forget to include any mandatory requirements into your customer agreement which will later allow you to deliver maintenance support as per PCOE guidelines to your customers, e.g. PARTNER shall ensure that End User shall provide and maintain remote access and shall ensure that End User grants VAR and SAP all necessary authorizations [“SAP PartnerEdge VAR Delivered Support Specific Terms and Conditions”].

If you do not have a copy of your SAP PartnerEdge VAR Delivered Support Specific Terms and Conditions of you SAP PartnerEdge agreement, you can access your country-specific version here:

Review the exhibit closely before creating the maintenance agreement for your end-customers.

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