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by Kurt Bauer, Global Senior Vice President of Premium Engagements, Customer Success, SAP

What do cloud frontrunners, sustainability heroes, and industry leaders have in common? They all understand the power of digital transformation in the cloud.

Even in the best years, industry prediction can never fully capture the potential of digital transformation. But one look at SAP customers proves how the traditionally long, arduous process has become a fast-paced, evolutionary imperative. Making a significant impact with their cloud-based transformation, they have successfully moved to the cloud as innovators of their industry and key drivers of a more intelligent and sustainable world.

Leading with SAP MaxAttention services, our premium engagements portfolio has helped organizations worldwide evolve with industry- and process-relevant services, such as best practices for hybrid and hyperscaler scenarios, business process intelligence, and a clean technology platform. More important, our customers take advantage of support services that allow them to transform at their pace and toward their unique future vision.


Exceeding expectations with collaboration and expertise

Digital transformation has taken a life of its own – even after technology analysts and business practitioners wrote off the past two years as too restrictive to produce any real change.
Take, for example, Liechtenstein-based thyssenkrupp Presta AG . The steering system manufacturer turned to SAP MaxAttention for guidance to build efficient and standardized processes, enhance master data quality, and improve reporting and analytics across its 17 plants and development facilities in 11 countries. While complex, the project was an opportunity to set the foundation for a highly intelligent and sustainable operation.

SAP MaxAttention provided thyssenkrupp with technical architecture design, solution design advisory, security design, custom-code quality improvement, data migration assessment, operations readiness, integration validation, and gap validation. This level of assistance led to a successful migration resulting in higher-quality master data, more-efficient processes, better operational management support, and increased ease of compliance with environmental and labor requirements.


Innovating better ways to deliver impactful change

Presta is just one of a wide variety of organizations that we have empowered to exceed their expectations – as well as their customers’ and industry’s. Our premium engagements have created a consistent and valuable engagement experience that has helped define our customers’ value and drivers for future success. Organizations have realized the full potential of those self-differentiating factors by allowing us to play a central role in engineering unique solutions and capabilities and scaling their cloud deployment when needed.

In fact, we’re now developing a scenario that blends selective redesign of business processes with retaining historical data. This selective data transformation journey is a cross-hybrid of a system conversion and a new implementation. It provides services tailored to our customers’ chosen cloud transition approach.

We will continue to invest in advisory services for cloud-based transformations, as well as the extension of our business technology platform, creation of target architectures, and enablement of business process intelligence.


Envisioning the future together at SAP MaxAttention Summit

The potential of all our customers is incredible, and we can’t wait to share their experiences and lessons learned at this year’s SAP MaxAttention Summit, scheduled to be held on November 16–17, 2021. The virtual event features a full roster of cloud frontrunners, sustainability heroes, and industry leaders that will detail their holistic transformation into intelligent enterprises connected as a unified network and focused on driving sustainability.

If you’re looking forward to seeing what your business can achieve with digital transformation, you won’t want to miss this event. The path is clear: lift your cloud scenario – public, private, hybrid, single tenant, or multitenant – into a well-defined and integrated platform for intelligent and sustainable business success. It’s important not just for process optimization but also for the long-term success of your entire business landscape.


Save the date for the virtual SAP MaxAttention Summit on November 16–17, 2021.