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Have you already experienced SAP ERP on SAP HANA by using the 30 day trial offering on SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)? Or have you ordered the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription with the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA appliance as your solution instance? [Direct Link on SAP Store]

After you tried the options above, you may also want to go a step further, and build the SAP Business Suite on HANA solutions on your own HANA system, or maybe you are struggling with how to deploy the ERP on HANA solution, how to enhance the user experience by leveraging SAP latest released Fiori apps, and how to integrate the analytics reports…

Don’t worry, now the pre-assembled rapid-deployment solution for SAP ERP Foundation Extension blue ray is available for ordering, which can help you to faster deploy SAP ERP on HANA solution on your own HANA server, also with real-time analytics and renewal of user experiences.

The pre-assembled rapid-deployment solution for SAP ERP Foundation Extension integrates the best practices of five proven rapid-deployment solutions into one preinstalled SAP ERP on SAP HANA landscape and provides SAP ERP with SAP Fiori, SAP HANA Live, and SAP Access Control capabilities. This solution is delivered as software appliance, and the Fully Activated appliance containing activated best practices configuration and sample data, is used for demo, training and evaluation purpose.

The highlights of the blue ray for SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA – Fully-Activated Appliance include:

You may refer to SAP Note
2041140 - Order SAP Preassembled rapid-deployment solution as a physical shipment for ordering (Please note that the material number is 51048288):

Please request the SAP preassembled rapid-deployment solution by creating a customer message on the component XX-SER-SWFL-SHIP with the following information:

Short description: SAP paRDS blue-ray ordering request

Long text:

Partner name

Partner number

Name of contact person

Product license ID of your contract (not an application server license)

Contact details (e-mail, telephone; only the address assigned to your partner number at SAP can be used as the delivery address)

Material number and description of the required SAP preassembled rapid-deployment solution. Please refer to the list in the paragraph “Available Solutions”

The priority of the message should be "medium" (or lower), following the prioritization rules mentioned in SAP notes 67739 and 1006335.

Please check note 1972326 - SAP ERP Foundation Extension V2.607 to get the information relevant for the deployment of SAP ERP Foundation Extension V2.607

Outlook: the next release will be available in September, there will be two types appliances available for the SAP ERP Foundation Extension solution: Fully Activated appliance and Ready-to-Activate appliance. The Ready-to-Activate appliance has all necessary technical objects enabled, but the best practices configuration still needs to be activated based on customer’s business requirements, it can be used for proof of concept and /or starting your implementation project.

You may also find detail information about SAP ERP Foundation Extension rapid-deployment solution and related rapid-deployment solutions from SAP Service Marketplace.