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Democracy, freedom, and social justice are some of the basic rights humans have fought revolutions, wars, and laid down their lives. A need so dear that men and women will go any extent to seek it. After all why not, freedom is and will be the most precious gift given to man. Unfortunately, this very necessity of human civilization has been crippled through ages. Over last couple of centuries we have seen wide spread changes happening globally. More and more people are fighting to realize their basic rights, denied by oppressing dictators, military regimes, colonial rulers, and discriminatory policies.

One of the rampant reason for this change has been ability of people to communicate beyond borders. Technology has made it possible by way of medias such as radio, TV, and advances in communication such as satellite, mobile, and Internet technologies. Implication has been rise of social media, which has raised the bar. It has given a platform to common people like you and me to share our opinions and hold a discourse. This medium of instant communication among masses has strengthened waves of revolution, given voice to causes many of us were either ignorant of or scared to speak about. It has made fight of a region global, fight of a minority that of masses. Bringing in accountability, transparency, and ownership to institutions which are pillars to achieving welfare state.

Some of most recent examples which showcase these phenomena are:

  • Right to education fought by small town girl named Malala of Pakistan which has made her household name for girl education.
  • Outcry for release of more than 250 kidnapped girls in Nigeria leading to #BringBackOurGirls, one of the biggest social campaigns.
  • Democratic revolution to have civic government in Egypt and Syria. A revolution seen via Youtube and facebook by millions of global citizens.
  • Biggest democratic election being held in India – with voters debating merits of parties and candidates, while other encouraging eligible voters to cast their vote.
  • Equality for gay and lesbians – with supporters openly discussing about the topic which has been taboo for centuries.
  • Right to information, privacy and security – a debate for greater transparency, respect for individual privacy and ensure data security.

Technology such as mobility, internet, and social has shifted the balance of power. Giving people power to involve themselves in issues which are core to humanity no matter who we are, where we come from, and what we believe in. I believe technology is helping us understand others; value each other contributions; create bonds of connectedness; and develop cords of mutual respect, acceptance, and admiration. It has made the discourse on the basic principles of democracy and freedom accessible. I won’t deny though there are negative implications of same examples, such as cyber bullying, invasions of personal space, and more.

Overall, what needs to been seen how far can we use these tools provided by technology to have complete realization of a welfare society which truly upholds the values of democracy and freedom – of the people, for the people, and by the people – and elevates us humans to next generation of human evolution.

Join the discussion on how you think technology has changed humanity.

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