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In this podcast, Paul Read talks with Harish Mehta and Martin Plummer about SOA Manager and the exciting new features and refinements in the latest release.

Our conversation touches on the following areas:

  • What is SOA Manager and who uses this powerful and versatile configuration and administration tool for Web services?
  • New and enhanced features in SOA Manager:
    SOA Manager as a Services Registry component
    Reverse proxies
    Business Scenario Configuration
    Central configuration, managed systems
    Configuring individual Web services
    Logical Receiver Determination
    Technical Receiver Determination
    Local Shortcuts
  • Metadata Repository
    Benefits to customers of having a Metadata Repository; a comparison with the Enterprise Services Repository
  • SAP Releases 7.31, 7.30 and SOA Manager downport to SAP Release 7.02 SP8
  • New Wiki for SOA Manager on SDN:
    ABAP Connectivity - Web Services ABAP

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(This podcast was produced by Technology and Innovation Platform in July 2011.)