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So after reading rui.nogueira's report of day 1 you already know that quite a number of people stayed for the whole duration of the InnoJam. I think the revised count was something just under 60 participants coding all night long to get their demos ready for the presentation at 3:00 pm. That's almost half of the overall number of attendees. Can't think of any InnoJam with such a high percentage of Red-Bull-infused, red-eyed hardcore-Jammers. I guess that sets yet another record.

The night went by. Attacks of blood-hungry mosquitos decreased to a manageable level. The crowd strengthened themselves with breakfast, coffee and tea, while the countdown steadily advanced towards zero hour. Zero hour, that is the dreaded time when bugs need to be fixed, deployments need to be complete and fingers have to be taken off keyboards and mobile phones. 3:00 pm on this Sunday approached fast and technical problems weren't necessarily getting less. There were teams that really tried to pull off technological stunts hardly anyone would dare to attempt in roughly 20 hours of coding. Mobile phones accessing cloud-deployed applications that pull data out of ERP back-ends and integrate BI reports running on top of data stored in HANA. Rarely you see such an ambitious crowd getting their teeth stuck into SAP's front-runner technologies.

While the good vibes continued to flow in the cafeteria of Building 2, a drama unfolded on Mumbai's cricket ground. The third day of the 2nd test match between India and England saw India make only 117 runs for 7 wickets. They were ultimately bowled out with 142 runs in their 2nd inning, loosing the match 327 & 142 against 413 & 58 (10 wickets left in England's second inning). For those of you unfamiliar with cricket: The equivalent magnitude of loss in a soccer match would be to receive 10 or more goals with your own team scoring maybe 1 or two. Anyway, nothings really lost yet. The series is tied at 1 - 1 with 3 more matches to come, and knowing India and their reputation as one of the strongest teams in the world, they will probably come back with a few tricks up their sleeve.

Back to our little competition that took place in Bangalore. I guess it's time now to end the suspense and announce the winner of this year's preTechEd InnoJam 2012 in Bangalore. Before I do that, let me congratulate all teams on the things they achieved. Everybody worked super-hard up until the last seconds. Many of the presentations were really well done and almost all prototypes had quite some visual appeal. I'm always surprised how much you can actually put together with a great team in such little time.

Alright. It's 3:00 pm on Sunday, November 25, 2012. The stage is set. A draw with 16 numbers has been created. Each team gets 4 minutes to present. We have three judges evaluating user desirability, business viability and technical quality. The three men with the power to decide are.

  • sudeesh.k - Product Manager SAP NetWeaver Gateway (SAP Labs)
  • Deepak Kumar - Director Government Relation (SAP India)
  • steinermatt - SAP NetWeaver Cloud Evangelist (SAP AG)

The camera is rolling. The first number gets drawn and off we go. ... No, we don't. The team had a few issues with pulling together the pieces of their prototype and don't feel comfortable presenting. That's, sadly, also part of InnoJam. But, I bet they learnt a great deal in the process and will be able to use this experience when working with SAP technologies in the future. The rest of the presentations went more or less smooth and teams were very fair, trading places in the line-up to give others time to fix last-minute issues. After about 110 minutes we had seen all 15 prototypes competing for the title. As per usual the price to claim was a set of "InnoJam Winner" shirts for each member of the winning team (preferably in the right size :lol: ) and the chance to take the crown at TechEd DemoJam. This year we have 9 lucky participants, who deserve the title for trying to clean up Bangalore's streets in a coordinated manner.

And the winners are ... team System GC with their prototype Clean IT (C0-ordinate Better).

Congratulations to Sudeep Khemka, Rohit Mahajan, Rahul Kumar, Hari Yada, Vasanthkumar Palanisamy, Thiyaneswaran Velappan, Siva Subramaian, Senthilkumar Natesan, and Shetty K. V.!!!

With this prestigious title under their belt, they will now set out to put their hands on the TechEd DemoJam cup. Don't miss the great show on Wednesday, November 28 at 6:15 pm local time (1:45 pm CET, 4:45 am PST).

Congratulations also to all 15 runner-up teams. You made this event truly special and we hope to see you again next year.

Now all that is left to say is a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who were involved in making the event possible. Naming them in no particular order: global and local TechEd organisation teams, Design Thinking coaches, technical experts, judges, IT support, facility management, catering, and of course yours truly TIP Developer Experience.

Oh. One thing I almost forgot. WE LOVE INNOJAM BANGALORE!!!

You'll find more information about the event on our InnoJam Bangalore Wiki page.

The photos are on Flickr in the preTechEd InnoJam Bangalore set.