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SAP HANA, is a flexible, multi-purpose in-memory data management and application platform that has completely transformed the relational database industry. SAP HANA has already been adopted by global health and medical organizations (and thousands of other institutions) worldwide. Enter: Personalized Medicine. The healthcare sector alone creates 30 percent of the world’s data – most of that data is unattainable, underutilized, and disconnected. SAP, and its partners, are uniquely positioned to unlock the value of that data to help advance patient outcomes.

SAP Connected Health platform (previous name SAP Foundation for Health) uses the functionalities of SAP HANA, and provides a flexible and extensible clinical data warehouse model, industry aware data integration management, and real-time analytics on large-scale structured and unstructured data. Unlike traditional data warehouses enabling software platforms, SAP Foundation for Health comes with built-in services to facilitate better diagnosis and care. It provides an open and secure platform for genomics, patient cohort building and further care collaboration solutions developed by SAP and partners. SAP Medical Research Insights is the first application delivered on SAP Foundation for Health.

The SAP Foundation for Health platform offers a unique opportunity for companies that would like to partner with SAP. SAP PartnerEdge is the umbrella partner program that offers a transparent framework with standard processes and contracts to engage with SAP in a very effective way. Partnering options include:

In addition, partners can also use the COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) approach – COIL facilitates project-based co-innovation with partners and customers through an integrated network of world-wide expertise, and best-in-class technologies and platforms.

All companies interested in joining SAP in this highly exciting field should investigate the offers above.