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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
For partners, getting and staying socially engaged at SAP Global Partner Summit and SAPPHIRE NOW is a smart way to boost your influence at these two high-profile back-to-back events coming up fast in mid-May.

Whether you are an active tweeter or  you are social media reserved, these two upcoming marquis events are a great platform for you and your company to get engaged and provide awesome content and information to your customers, employees and peers.

And, the best thing is that social media is so much easier when you are at an event because you don't have to try to come up with something clever or new. There is tons of available content from keynotes and demo booth experts and presentations to leverage and bring to life and extend the value of the event for others who cannot be there. So, to get started, below are some tips getting your social media stride on:

Basics for Your Social Presence

  Begin to follow and to interact on Twitter with @SAPPartnerEdge, #SAPPartnerSummit and #SAPPHIRENOW. Include #SAPPartnerSummit in your live tweets on May 15.

  • Twitter character limit = 140 Character limit with URL = 118.

  • Photos, videos, GIFs no longer count towards character limit. So take photos and video and post them with your tweets. Tweets with photos more likely to be read and retweeted

  • You can start a tweet with @ or #. No need for a period [.] to start tweet.

  • Limit to no more than (2) hashtags per tweet.

  • Use twitter account handle [@] if referencing an individual.

  • When live tweeting from the SAP Global Partner summit, use event hashtag: #SAPPartnerSummit.

  • When live tweeting from SAPPHIRE NOW, use event hashtag: #SAPPHIRENOW

  Follow our SAPPartnerEdge LinkedIn Showcase page for the latest news, thought leadership posts and partner enablement updates.

  Follow SAP PartnerEdge on Facebook to get notified of live video broadcasting via your News Feed along with the latest news and partner enablement videos.

Getting Social at #SAPPartnerSummit May 15, 2017

SAP's premier partner event kicks off for a full-day of keynotes, learning and always-on networking activities on May 15 at the Hilton Orlando with registration starting at 8 am

It doesn't matter where you are on the social media spectrum, and it doesn't matter if you have 10,000 tweets or 100, what matters is getting involved in the conversation and providing quality content.

  • Have fun with it. Start with your presence and even take a selfie letting folks know that you are at the partner summit event and use the hashtag #SAPPartnerSummit.

  • Share keynote content. There are three keynotes on tap at the SAP Global Partner Summit; if you hear a good piece of information from SAP executives, tweet it, and also add photo or a 30-second video. This is a great way to share what you hear and use the hashtag #SAPPartnerSummit.

  • Extend breakout sessions: Thee are 16 breakout sessions at the partner summit. Hear something cool, informative or just downright important, then tweet it out. Add a photo or video of the session to make it more robust. Remember to use the hashtag #SAPPartnerSummit.

  • Show demo stations. With more than 20 demo stations with SAP experts and partners, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Lenovo and Workspan, grab some photos or video and post it.  And, use the hashtag #SAPPartnerSummit.

Join the Conversation at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference May 16-8   

As you know, this is the big daddy of our SAP events, and it's a wonderful way to get into the conversation because of the tons of content that you can leverage from the keynotes, sessions and show floor experience to bring your special take to customers and prospects.

  • Use these two hashtags for this event: #SAPPHIRENOW and #ASUG2017 for your respective tweets

  • Look to amplify valuable information that you hear from keynote speakers or sessions on topics such as #cloud, #bigdata, #digitaltransformation, #S/4HANA, s #IoT, #Blockchain, #Machinelearnng, #HR and more

  • if you an exhibitor make sure that a week before the event that you start letting attendees know with series of tweets that you will be at #SAPPHIRENOW and provide you booth number and any special times when you will be hosting a discussion or presentation

  • If exhibiting, make sure that your colleagues take good photos and grab good short 30 second videos of one presentations to customers at your booths or in the small theaters and post them using the hashtag #SAPPHIRENOW

No doubt, with an event of this magnitude, there's a lot of social noise  to cut through, so the most important thing is to have fun connecting with SAP experts and executives, customers and prospects and show them what you do best and share what you see and hear using the #SAPPHIRENOW hashtag.

All the best, you can follow me on Twitter at Jerry__Rosa and I'll do my best to help amplify your tweets at #SAPPHIRENOW.