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With the 3rd released version of the SAP Best Practice Package of SuccessFactors Employee Central with 3rd party Integration, NGA HR becomes the first partner who has actually invested considerable effort in their adoption to implement 3rd Party Best Practice Payroll Solution.

NGA Human Resource is an SAP gold partner specializing in HR solutions implementations and payroll BPO offering. Whenever SAP releases new technology or features, the company adapts it and quickly acquires the necessary expertise. As HCI becomes the new strategic middleware of SAP, more and more SAP best practice Integration Content are built on it. In this January and February, NGA tried to build integration between Success Factors Employee Central with Resource Link payroll on SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), based on “SAP Best Practice of Success Factors Employee Central with 3rd party integration” template. With 6 weeks development, NGA HR has build their Integration Solution between EC and NGA ResourceLink payroll on HCI.

"We did many SF integration implementations using Boomi. For all of our new developments we have decided to use HCI and ramped up our integration team. We were new to the standard best practice template but SAP SET team helped us a lot to understand its working, basic design principles, and also there was a lot of co-innovation and design discussions. We also got a good support from HCI products team. We took 6 weeks to develop the interface using standard template. It took 3 months for same work when we developed solution from scratch using Boomi. It helped us to focus our energies on rather specifics, detailed end-2-end testing, and robust error and exception handling. We highly recommend and will use these HCI best practice templates approach for our other interface developments", comment shared by Amit Soni, the Global Integration Lead of NGA HR.

There's also challenges encountered since it's the first time for partner to actually looking into details of the SAP Best Practice HCI templates and make adoption on it using HCI middleware.  A lot of discussion around the business requirement as well as the middleware technical capabilities, and finally we find resolutions to resolve them. Topics including:

  • Delta handling on field level
  • Past and future dated changes handling
  • Pay element changes handling
  • Middleware and Coding Performance
  • Data load batching
  • Exceptions and security

Being the first one to taste the cake, NGA HR is sharing their implementation adoption experience on top of the SAP Best Practice of SF EC with Third-party Payroll Integration templates, "As a first step we recommend to understand the standard template and make it work for your EC instance. Once comfortable with the working, design and code you can start doing a fit-gap on the template solution for your specific payroll interface".

Are you also interested in how to make adoption on the SAP Best Practice of SF EC with Third-party Integration templates? Please follow our Jam group where we will share more implementation stories and knowledge. Find our package content on SMP and also find guidance on basic adoption scenarios based on the package here.