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Quality of service is one of the most frequent concerns of customers. Ensuring that your service meets your stakeholders' expectations while meeting the technical and operational best practices is precisely one of our commitments in Outsourcing Partner Certifications as part of  Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services (PILS) group at SAP. However, the best way to demonstrate it is by sharing the experience of one of our global partners.

Please first tell us about your company and the key services you provide

oXya, a Hitachi Group Company, is among the global leaders in managed cloud services and technical consulting for SAP systems. It is a part of the Hitachi Group since 2015 and operates in EMEA, North America and APAC.

oXya delivers a wide range of technical services on SAP to nearly 400 clients across all industries and hundreds of thousands of SAP users worldwide. Our dedicated experts design, migrate and run SAP and other business-critical workloads for large and mid-size enterprises, whether they are on-premise, on private, public, or hybrid cloud. We also provide consulting services and support our customers through their SAP projects. At oXya, every customer is assigned its own support team with multi-skilled consultants who bring oXya’s core values of commitment and agility to every mission they undertake.

oXya’s deep expertise in SAP and public cloud and its unique support model provides its customers with a superior quality of service. It is why 99% of oXya’s customers say they are fully satisfied with its services.


How long has been your association with SAP and could you share your experience?

oXya has been associated with SAP since it was formed in 1998. From its beginning, oXya has specialized in SAP, providing technical services and managed cloud solutions to its customers. With 20+ years of SAP experience, oXya has followed all the evolutions of SAP solutions from SAP R/3 version to SAP S/4HANA, working closely with SAP and bringing its considerable technical knowledge to the table.

oXya has expanded internationally, growing alongside SAP and helping its clients with their global SAP projects.

Our services include:

  • SAP Managed services on-premise and on private, public, or hybrid cloud to hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide.

  • Technical services for SAP to more than a thousand enterprise customers around the world.

  • S/4HANA implementations and migrations since 2016 with more than a quarter of oXya’s customers running SAP S/4HANA.

  • Move to Cloud projects on all three leading public clouds—AWS, Azure, and GCP—as well as on oXya cloud.

  • RISE with SAP services.

Our teams offer these services on all of SAP’s wide range of solutions (S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, SRM, PO, HR …).

Why did you apply for SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners?

The offering of SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners is an external and objective appreciation of the quality of service oXya delivers globally. oXya has applied for this program since 2006 as it ensures its clients of its SAP expertise and ability in providing the best managed services in all its locations. These certifications also confirm oXya’s commitment to following SAP best practices and complying with client requirements.


How has the certification helped you enhance your managed services offerings and go-to-market activities?

Thanks to the SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners, oXya is recognized as a preferred partner. oXya has increased its visibility amongst SAP customers, bringing it more opportunities to expand globally.


How has your journey through the certifications been? (e.g., the evolution of certifications, for how many years have you been in the certification program, etc...)

oXya has been part of the SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners since 2006 when it obtained its first SAP Hosting operations certification (France), which it has successfully renewed every two years since. In 2012, oXya added the SAP Cloud operations (France) certification.

Following its acquisition by Hitachi in 2015, oXya expanded the scope of its certifications globally and completed the SAP HANA operations certification. Since 2016, oXya has had these three global active SAP outsourcing operations certifications (SAP hosting operations, SAP Cloud operation and SAP HANA operations).


How have the SAP Certifications for Outsourcing Partners helped you to improve the service improvement process?

The certifications for Outsourcing Partners are completed after a thorough audit by SAP of our services, after which SAP provides a report detailing our performance and listing recommendations for future improvements.

Throughout the years, these reports have boosted our efforts to launch and develop our oXya Cloud as a great and secure alternative hosting solution for our customers. It has helped us improve our international coordination and confirmed our decision to implement several ITIL processes such as change management.

These biennial reviews with SAP also made us aware of how important HANA would become. It allowed oXya always to be in the forefront in terms of training and technical investments in HANA, S/4HANA and SUSE.

Obtaining these certifications, on top of oXya’s ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certification, has allowed oXya to prove to its customers that its main priority has always been its quality of service. SAP recommendations have enabled oXya to pinpoint specific areas in which it has been able to improve its service.


“SAP Certifications for Outsourcing Partners are a recognition of oXya’s SAP expertise and commitment in providing the best SAP services to our customers. It confirms that all our processes meet SAP’s very high standards and help oXya continually to improve its services. Since its foundation, oXya’s mission has always been to help organizations increase their efficiency and flexibility by providing SAP customers with a wide range of technical services, managed services, and cloud solutions.”Geert Vandendorpe, CEO, oXya.

“The biennial process with the teams of SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners has always been very enriching for oXya. The SAP hosting teams have always highlighted the strength of our positioning as a SAP run pure player, confirming the quality of our delivery model based on our customer-assigned teams of consultants. These reviews also allowed us to invest early in technologies such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and SUSE and to anticipate market developments.”Frédéric de Belloy, President, oXya.

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