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As Michael Schwandt wrote in his Recognition  System - Annual Point Counter "watch your contribution grow..." and grow it has!  I am happy to update that you (as a community) have crossed the 1 MILLION points mark!!

For those who are not sure exactly what I'm referring to, it all started with mentor Nigel James's blog Three little words - 'Change the world' and the community's choice to make a difference.  Today, when users contribute to SCN, not only are they contributing to other members' knowledge but they are also contributing to the United Nations World Food Programme's Food for Education.  More details on the program can be found here.

The countdown began January 1, 2008 and now, less than 6 months later the community has already earned over 1 million points (1,016,660 to be exact but as I'm writing this its probably growing.. 1,016,661, 1,016,662...) which is good news for our WFP goal but also shows the great activity in terms of community knowledge sharing and collaboration!

Our first goal is to reach 2.5 million points and thus assure a 100,000 Euro donation. At our current rate this looks very achievable. However we are aiming higher ...

  • 3 million points would lead to 150,000 Euro 
  • 3.5 million points would lead to a 200,000 Euro donation for the WFP

To reach the higher goal, our aim is 2.5 million points by SAP TechEd ‘08. The first TechEd takes place in Las Vegas the week of September 8 which means the community has 16 weeks to teach, share, and collaborate 1.5 million points of contribution!

The community projects will be one way we achieve this goal. Keep watching the blogs for more information ...