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Whether your customers have leftover 2015 budget money to use or they’ve already begun planning for 2016 purchases, year-end is a great time to contact your customers and tell them about our award-winning, cloud-based learning solution — SAP Learning Hub.

We’ve taken an entirely new approach to learning in SAP Learning Hub that will take your customers beyond traditional training to:

Imagine all of the SAP training your customers need all in one place – whenever and wherever they need it! Whether they’re interested in updating or expanding their skills, or preparing for Certification exams, SAP Learning Hub provides all of the benefits of today’s learning styles, while reducing costs. They’ll experience increased software adoption, a boost in productivity, improved user satisfaction, and faster ROI.

With SAP Learning Hub, your customers will get instant, unlimited online access to a vast knowledge base of SAP expertise and eliminate the need to schedule or travel to training.

To assist you in your selling efforts, we’ve created an extensive library of promotional material that you can share with your customers. You can watch this short introductory video, read this brochure, or peruse many assets written and recorded specifically for partners on the SAP PartnerEdge to learn more about SAP Learning Hub. And if you haven’t yet registered for free access to the SAP Learning Hub, PartnerEdge edition, take a few moments to do so now.

Best regards for a strong close to 2015!


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