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As a continuation of the blog SAP OData Library Contributed to Apache Olingo (Incubator) I wanted to share some further insights into the Apache Olingo Incubator project.

About two years ago SAP started to invest into a new OData Library (Java). Goals for this effort were to implement a library which supports the OData Specification Version 2, which has nearly the same feature set one can find in SAP NetWeaver Gateway and to open source the library at Apache in order to build a developer community around OData.

Mid of 2013 SAP did a software grant of the library and contributed the source code to the newly formed Apache Olingo Incubator project. Shortly after, the project released version 1.0.0 in October 2013 and  version 1.1.0 in February 2014. The next version 1.2.0 is already on its way and currently available as snapshot on Apache Olingo Incubator. There you can also find the release notes. The releases cover the OData Specification Version 2. The committers of the project work constantly on the documentation for users of the open source library and are happy to answer questions via the dev mailing list or via Jira.

In the meanwhile OData evolves to an OASIS standard. So you can watch out for any news in the OASIS OData Technical Committee. The community work now focuses on implementing both client and server libraries for the OASIS OData Standard (Version 4). These efforts are supported by new contributions for Java (ODataClient) and Javascript (datajs), both client libraries for consuming OData Services. 

Apache Olingo tends to evolve into a project hosting OData Implementations in different languages and technologies which is already a great success but the community has also some more milestones to focus on:

  • Graduation, which means that the project leaves the incubator behind and becomes a top level project within the Apache Software Foundation
  • Agreement within the community for a common roadmap of V4 feature development
  • Merge the contributions into a common code base to go forward with the OData OASIS Standard (Version 4) feature development
  • Release a first version of an OData Java Library supporting V4
  • Release a first version of datajs supporting V4

Last but not least I also wanted to share some short facts around Apache Olingo (Incubator):

  • 2 releases, the third one is on its way
  • 19 initial committers
  • 7 new committers
  • 75 persons active on the mailing list
  • 1025 commits in the git repositories
  • more than 1500 mails via dev mailing list
  • more than 150 Jira Issues closed / resolved
  • about 20 tutorials available

With that I think there will be interesting times ahead of us in shaping the future of the Apache Olingo project.

We are interested to know what are your thoughts. So please share your comments, feedback with us by commenting to this post or if you already have more detailed questions or feature requests you may also use the dev mailing list for Apache Olingo directly. We, that is christian.amend, tamara.boehm, mibo, jens.huesken, stephan.klevenz, sven.kobler and as the main initial committers, are happy to answer your questions.