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In case you missed SAP CEO Bill McDermott's keynote yesterday at Sapphire Now, I've embedded below the one-minute recap that highlights the exciting news that SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas are now included (i.e., free!) for SAP cust... In a nutshell, these two user experience (UX) products from SAP basically make it possible for SAP's world-class enterprise software to be delivered as a consumer user experience.

So what's the quickest way to take advantage of this new consumer user experience? Much in the same way that Fiori (download here) and Screen Personas (download here) are now "included" for SAP customers, so are the user experience rapid-deployment solutions (RDS). These solutions are the quickest way to take advantage of Fiori and Screen Personas and have a broad appeal as a set of solutions applicable for nearly all SAP customers.

Each is designed to have a predictable price, predictable scope, predictable implementation time, and predictable outcome and can be delivered either by SAP Services or SAP Partners. And, of course, the predictable price can be free if you are an SAP customer and choose to download the solutions directly and walk through the step-by-step guides yourself. See below for a quick overview of each of the four UX RDS packages including links for more details and direct downloads.

  • SAP Fiori Apps rapid-deployment solution: Quickly deploy and configure any combination of up to 44 Fiori apps! Now with a new scoping fit option to help you easily find the best Fiori apps to implement for your landscape.
    (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)
  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution: Interested in leveraging the full innovative power of Fiori? Quickly deploy and configure your landscape to take advantage of hundreds of analytical, factsheet, and smart business Fiori apps optimized to run on SAP HANA.
    (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)
  • SAPUI5 Design rapid-deployment solution: Fiori apps deployed but still want more Fiori? Learn how to create your own Fiori-designed apps predictably with a “Design Thinking” workshop, Fiori design best practices, and a proof-of-concept Fiori design service including several sample apps.
    (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)
  • SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution: Focused on quickly improving key desktop-based user experiences? Streamline implementation and configuration of SAP Screen Personas, the fastest way to take SAPGUI screens and transform them into delightful user experiences.
    (Service Marketplace Page | Direct Download)

And for anyone attending Sapphire, stop by and say hi! We are at at the technology campus launch pad (ID TE313). Otherwise, as always, feel free to comment or ask questions via the comment section below.

Here's to a new era of great user experiences at SAP!