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Hey Guys,

Lately, if you use GRC NFE and you are receiving a rejection on the range of 300-399 for approving notas fiscais, for some cases, this rejection does not go back to ERP. This happens because, until SP14 of GRC NFE, SEFAZ used this range only for denials, and the system only updated ERP if the protocol number was filled. So, from now on, if you receive a rejection with code 356, for example, the protocol number is not filled, as this is a rejection, and the nota fiscal gets stuck on GRC NFE.

GRC NFE changed this behaviour in SP 15, which is the SP delivered with the legal changes of Nota Técnica 005/2013. So, if you are on SP 15 on, you won't have this issue, however from SP14 down, the issue may occur. The solution for this is to update your system at least to SP 15, however there is a workaround that can be done by running FM /XNFE/UPDATE_ERP_STATUS_DIAL for that access key with flag 'Do Not Check for ERP Update Errors' checked. With this, the rejection code will return to ERP and you can fix the nota fiscal or then request the skipping of it. If possible, try to simulate this on a test environment to make sure everything will run smoothly.

See you!