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I enhanced note "2719798 - Saposcol run out of maintenance" with following text:

Before raising any 720 saposcol incident to SAP support, please upgrade your SAP Host Agent to 7.21. Raise the incident to SAP support only if the issue persist. Please note that SAP support has no chance to provide saposcol 720 fix to you anymore.

It has to be clear that it is neither possible anymore to change coding of 720 saposcol, nor deliver new 720 version to customer. As the first advice from SAP support would be to upgrade to 721, you can save time and energy to yourself as well as to SAP support when you perform this step to check if the issue was already found and resolved by development support. Even if not, it would be much easier for development support to analyse the problem and provide a solution when we will start discussion and analysis over a recent version.