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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Over the next weeks we are offering a series of webinar sessions open for everyone from our customer and partner ecosystem. Our goal is help you to make the best use of the channels, tools and features of SAP´s Next-Generation Support - join in!

We´ll start with an overview session, followed by a number of deep dives - here the link to the session series.

We´ll ask you also about topics you´d like to know more about, and schedule additional sessions accordingly – please use already the comment section below to share questions and suggestions for topics around support!

Why Next-Generation Support?

All of us have been interacting with support organization, doing a search and submitting a written incident. And all of us have been wishing  sometimes a more interactive and direct communication, to come faster to a solution.

At SAP, we took the decision to substantially change and move away from using written incidents (complemented by SAP Notes) , as THE way to deliver support.

What has changed?

  • We have millions of views of our Wikis and the enormously enriched database of Knowledge Based Articles, further extended by the SAP Community – many times, an incident is not needed anymore

  • When you come to the ONE Support Launchpad, AI Technology uses your input to propose solutions in an effortless way

  • You can chat directly with the support engineers (the same team that processes your incidents) – and it happened over 200,000 times in 2018!

  • Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting with a support engineer, where you can also involving further stakeholders from your side, like key users or external consultants. Every day we deliver more than 50 Schedule an Expert Sessions

Behind the scenes, we continue and grow the close collaboration with Development and Cloud Operations Teams, giving feedback, testing new products and versions, etc.

We call this – and many more services, tools and features rolled out or on the future roadmap - Next-Generation Support.

How is it perceived?

What kept and keeps us motivated to relentlessly move forward is the ever-increasing customer satisfaction, as well as a number of awards from Industry associations like ASP, TSIA and the Stevie Awards.

See here for an overview of Next-Generation Support.

Want to learn more?

As announced above, SAP is hosting a series of webinars that covers the key aspects of Next-Generation Support, so that customers and partners can maximize the benefit from our Support Offer..
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