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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The new version of SAP SuccessFactors Align and Perform rapid deployment solution- V2, is now available.

What’s new with this package?

Version 1 of SAP SuccessFactors Align & Perform rapid-deployment solution offered three levels of complexity/maturity for each of the pre-defined business processes. The functions and features per level were incremental. Version 2 now only delivers one level for each pre-defined business process. This level is the level with the highest complexity and thus also contains all functions and features of the two other levels - which are now discontinued.

Updates to Package Documentation

  • Delivery Supplement: Important delivery-relevant aspects. Additional information including changes to the solution, in relation to an earlier solution
  • Master Data Overview: A table to understand the sample master data shipped in the package.
  • Configuration Workbook: A sheet to contain all of the detailed configurations of RDS package’s pre-delivered content.
  • How-To-Guide for Employee Upload with Import : This document outlines the necessary steps for using the functionality Employee Import.
  • Employee Import Data File: Sample employee data import file to be uploaded so that the sample employee data can be used for testing.

Updates to Business Processes

As part of the “Performance Management” in SuccessFactors scope item, the Performance result is now available as part of the Employee Profile function, enabling Align & Perform integration with Employee Profile. With this new process, employee can see his/her performance review ratings in Employee profile directly.

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