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SAP Screen Personas 2.0 SP02 (also Personas 1.0 SP04) which was released recently provides new tools and better error handling to continue to improve user experience.

Download Error Snapshot

Figuring out the details of an error was always a tedious task. So to reduce the effort and the turnaround time to identify the root cause, Personas 2.0 SP02 provides an option to download the error snapshot to client machine in zip format in Personas error dialogs. This snapshot file can be attached with the support message to SAP.

Error snapshot will contain following useful information required by the support:

  1. ApplicationContext.xml - System details, User details, Browser details, Whitelist URLs, Screen id and Control id overwrite entries in the system
  2. FlavorInfos.xml - Flavor changes and details
  3. Log.xml - Error information
  4. Manifest.xml - Snapshot information
  5. ScreenContext.xml - Control Tree details, Tcode, Program name, Screen number

Configuration check tool

It is now possible to validate the configurations on Personas and target systems using new configuration check tool that is available under Personas admin UI (/n/persos/admin_ui) -> Tools -> Configuration check

If the check fail, then you can verify the following:

Personas System (Source System)

  1. clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml files required for cross-domain communication in Silverlight are present under root folder of domain ( /usr/sap/<SID>...../data/icmanroot/ folder) . If not, it must be created as recommended in SAP Screen Personas configuration guide and instance profile parameters icm/HTTP/file_access_0, icm/HTTP/file_access_1 and icm/HTTP/file_access_2 must be maintained in RZ10 and server must be restarted.
  2. persos_app must be active to launch Personas URL. If not, it must be activated under SICF
  3. index.html checks Personas version and recommends upgrade if required.
  4. if required .js files are present under MIME folder of BSP application /PERSOS/MAINAPP. if not, check if they are renamed to .BAK or .BAK1 etc and correct it.

Target Systems (One sub node for each target system configured in SPRO-> ... -> SAP Screen Personas -> Maintain Systems)

  1. System ID, Client and Server.Url is not empty. But values are not validated for correctness
  2. Service.Uri is not empty and value is either /restgui or /rg
  3. ITS connector value is hardcoded to "ITS"
  4. clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml files are present under root folder of domain. If not, create them as recommended in SAP Screen Personas configuration guide.
  5. Basis version meets the minimum patch version required by Personas
  6. Kernel and patch version meets the minimum version required by Personas
  7. restgui service is present and active under SICF

Please note, In order to ping the target systems, it is required to create a “HTTP Connection to ABAP system” in the SM59 transaction. You can refer to this blog on how to create the connection.

Export/Import flavors

Personas Silverlight used to allow users to transport changes across systems using transport requests. But often there are cases where the flavor developed in one landscape can be reused in another unconnected landscape. So Personas 2.0 SP02 provides a mechanism to export flavors into a personalization pack and import into another system from Personas admin UI (/n/persos/admin_ui) -> Tools -> Export Flavors/Import Flavors.

Multiple flavors can be selected from same or different transaction on export flavor screen and the linked media files, screen id and control id overwrite entries will be selected automatically. On click on export button, the data is downloaded into a personalization pack.

Flavors can be imported into a different system from import flavor screen by selecting the downloaded personalization pack file and clicking on import button. Import is always creates new set of entities and does not update existing entities.  If owner of flavor is not present in the target system then the logged in user is deemed the flavor owner. Also import does not check for any duplicates. It only checks for validity of the entities before importing them.

Disable onCreateHandler from URL

If there is any trouble in launching a flavor with corrupt onCreateHandler script, then it is possible to disable the execution of this script by using #RenderingDisableOnLoad instead of #Rendering in the URL and clicking on the flavor

eg: http(s)://<SERVER>:<PORT>/sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp/index.html#RenderingDisableOnLoad

Launch edit mode from URL

It is now possible to launch a flavor directly in edit mode by using #RenderingEdit instead of #Rendering in the URL and clicking on the flavor

eg: http(s)://<SERVER>:<PORT>/sap/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp/index.html##RenderingEdit

To know more about Personas 2.0 SP02 features, please see New features in Personas 2.0 SP02; also Personas 1.0 SP04 blog.