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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With the Wave 7  a new data section for Support Contracts has been released in the on-premise cockpit.

The associated Summary Indicator displays the number of technical installations along with a count of the number of productive systems covered and not covered under an SAP support contract. 


In this section the default view shows the support contracts signed for installations.  We distinguish between main Support contracts and additional Premium Support contracts.

The pie chart shows the number of technical installations covered under each base contract type like

  • SAP Enterprise Support(ES)

  • SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE)

  • SAP Standard support (STD)

You can understand the details of your support contract types by visiting the support portal at

Additional Premium Engagement (PE) contracts like Active Embedded, Max Attention, contracts regarding a Service Level Agreement etc.  may also exist on top of the base support contract.

Using the pulldown menu "All PE Attributes" you can see the number of technical installations that are also covered by the selected Premium Engagement offering.

If no PE attributes have been selected from the drop-down menu, all available PE attributes will be displayed per default.

Premium Engagements signed on the system level are not included yet and will come with the next possible Wave.

The deleted installations are excluded from the statistic per default settings and can be added if needed by deactivation of the “Exclude deleted” flag.

There is also an option to see those technical installations that are covered by SAP’s Secure Support.

Depending on your screen size you might not see menu for the Secure Support flag. In this case simply click on the "…" for further options.

To the right of the pie chart you can find the full list of technical installations covered by displayed contract type or selected Premium Attribute.  The last column in the table indicates the number of productive systems assigned to the installation in the first column. By clicking on the number of systems you can navigate to the System Landscape to see more details.

As in all other sections in the cockpit you can use the option “Show All” to see the complete list of the installation and use there virtual filters for any further customization.

As everywhere in the cockpit you also can add additional fields to the table or remove fields by clicking on customizing wheel icon.

Stay informed please refer to the SAP Enterprise Support reporting portal ( and check


Thanks for reading!