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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hear all about these updates and more in a new Out for Lunch podcast episode on SAP Partner Finder.

SAP Partner Finder is designed to help prospects find the right partner for their business needs. It also helps connect you with prospects who are looking for your specific capabilities, skills, and expertise. As of June 2023, we’ve added several new features designed to make it easier for your prospective customers to quickly and easily find their best-match. These changes are reflective of the input we’ve received from you and our customers. Specifically, the updates focus on four areas:

  • Homepage redesign — The SAP Partner Finder homepage now includes new filtering options that allow prospects and customers to search for partners by location, solution, industry, or name. Users have the option to search without the filters, which takes them to the second page, just as the tool functioned prior to the redesign.

  • Enhanced solution filter — The solution filter offers a greater level of granularity, enabling the user to pin-point partners in the specific solution area that they are interested in. The previous version only offered a very high level of granularity, which users said resulted in search results that were too broad. This more granular filtering helps provide profiles for customers that more closely meet their specifications. The user also has the flexibility of selecting multiple solutions in the filter.

  • Solutions and competencies — Your profile page is now reorganized so that your competencies and specializations as well as the SAP solutions you offer are all in the same area, organized with a consistent taxonomy. Additionally, SAP will continue to display details about your competencies, such as total delivered projects and industries of delivered projects.

  • Solution assignment — Previously, solutions appeared on your profile based on your product/service authorization in PRM. Now, the new criteria requires partners to meet at least one of the following to have the solution assigned to their profile:

    • Three certified individuals

    • One delivered project in the past 24 months for the solution

    • EUR 40K historical revenue in the past 24 months for the solution

Make SAP Partner Finder Work for Your Business

With the release of these new SAP Partner Finder features, it’s even more important for you to publish your partner profile and make sure it is updated. When customers and prospects find your page, you’ll want to ensure they can find all the information they need to understand which products, solutions, and services you offer and the value you deliver. Your profile page gives you space to provide an overview of your business, augmented with images or video. You can also add resources, such as white papers, e-books, case studies, and links to podcast replays.

If you haven’t reviewed your partner profile page recently, take a few minutes to read through the information and make sure it’s current and accurate. When you create and maintain a robust profile, you’ll increase the chances that customers looking for your specific solutions, competencies, and specializations will find you and take the next step and contact your business.

Watch this video to see the latest features in action. To learn more about the new features, see this webinar replay and visit the SAP Partner Finder page on SAP Partner Portal today.