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Hi Guys,

Latest Notes in the Risk area:

In case the input unit of measure in BOMs is different from the base unit of measure and no conversion factor is maintained accordingly in the product master, a program termination “Overflow occurred when converting "1e+15”” is caused during display of the calculation logs. With implementing SAP Note 2251614 this dump can be avoided. Please check the SAP Note for further recommendation on how to identify the entries with issues on unit of measure and the conversion factor in the calculation log.

Up to now, the transfer to the GTS system for LTVDs from vendors via Webdynpro-Scenario has not been possible, in case of any inconsistencies in LTVDs.  An error message would stop the activity in case of any error.  With the functional enhancement of SAP Note 2250711 it is possible to decide that the transfer is continued (' operation Continue ') or terminated (' Cancel ').

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