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Product and Topic Expert
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Brand new offering from the SuccessFactors RDS team for you to accelerate the deployment of SuccessFactors Performance and Goals suite of solutions !

Taking into account, the most popular functionalities of SuccessFactors Performance and Goals such as - Goals Management, Performance Review and 360 Degree Feedback, we are excited to announce the availability of our RDS, that will help you implement these key features in a predictable and timely fashion.

Here is a quick look into what we offer as scope of this RDS

  • Goal Management

Combines goal alignment, visibility, and accountability and provides managers awareness of their employees’ progress on objectives. Goal execution tools enable companies to step in with coaching assistance or resources when it appears that goal targets may be missed or, even better, to acknowledge successes.

  • Performance Management

Involves an ongoing dialogue between the employee and manager. It includes establishing clear performance expectations to support business objectives and providing regular feedback and coaching. The Performance Management process follows these steps to evaluate an employee’s performance and identify future performance expectations.

  • 360 Degree Feedback

Helps organizations collect feedback on employees’ performance and behavior from everyone, both inside and outside of an organization. Quantitative and qualitative data from 360 Developmental Surveys & Multi-Rater Assessments can be collected and graphically displayed by various categories. In a 360 Degree Review cycle employees choose the raters to give feedback, managers (and HR) approve the raters and then the raters perform evaluation on employee’s performance.

  • Employee Profile

Drives workforce performance by connecting employees, enabling wide-spread knowledge sharing and collaboration, and providing ready access to the most comprehensive employee information needed to make more informed talent decisions.  The Employee Profile can be maintained by the employee him- or herself, or by the employee's manager. The data contained in the employee’s profile can be used in further align and performance processes.

  • Service Implementation timeline :

     6 week implementation approach  that accelerates the process of HCM value execution