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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We are further optimizing your experience using SAP for Me: The new personalized onboarding offers topics and tasks for you to easily select. By telling us what you’re working with and what tasks are important for you, we can identify the cards you need and put them on your SAP for Me home page to get you started.

Your previous usage of SAP ONE Support Launchpad tiles is also taken into consideration and some topics are preselected automatically to better suit your needs.

Log on to SAP for Me for the very first time (Scenario 1)

In this onboarding you will see two groups if you are an SAP customer or three groups if you are in a partner relationship with SAP. These groups offer topics and tasks you can select/deselect from by clicking on them.


The system will also check whether you used SAP ONE Support Launchpad before. If we already know you from the launchpad, we preselect some topics that fit to your SAP ONE Support Launchpad tile usage in the past.

By clicking ’Start using SAP for Me’ you will navigate to your home page. It will be filled with cards that fit to your interest selection.



  • Click the ‘Edit’ button to further add and remove cards from your home page.

  • Drag and drop your cards to place them wherever you like them on the home page.


Log on to SAP for Me again: Welcome Back to SAP for Me (Scenario 2)

To make you aware of the new personalization service we offer the Welcome Back to SAP for Me’ card on top of the home page if you already used SAP for Me in the past and therefore personalized your home page already. By clicking on ‘Edit My Interests you will see the same onboarding options as shown in scenario 1 to further personalize your home page.


In both scenarios you will be able to change your selection at any time. The interest selection is available in ‘My Settings’ in the user menu in the upper right corner.


SAP for Me is made for you!


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