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Did you the latest broadcast of SAP Radio? No worries, the live show is available on demand for your listening pleasure here. The panelist discussed the topic of "HR Analytics: Science or Art. Panelists Included:

Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics Corporation

Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

Peter Howes, Vice President of Workforce Analytics and Planning at SuccessFactors, an SAP company

About Greta Roberts (@gretaroberts)

Greta Roberts believes that optimizing career development before optimizing business development is backwards because solutions that capture HR metrics that don’t directly tie to business performance and can’t be used in analytics modeling quickly lose Executive support and funding. In Greta’s opinion today’s performance management is evolving to focus more on “identifying those naturally optimal in a role” vs. “spending millions on a support system of training, coaching, and forcing employees to perform in a role they have no interest in.” Greta has found that businesses are selecting talent software based on the data it generates and not based on its features and functions.

About Holger Mueller (@holgermu)

Holger Mueller believes that the holy grail of analytics is to put analytics metrics into the hands of business users. Holger likens the role that Big Data plays in real analytics to trying to start the construction of a house by beginning with the roof. Holger feels that the content/context mumbo jumbo and the real time vs. right time confusion of analytics must to be solved and addressed. In his opinion, all context is content as someone else’s context is the next person’s content and the right time needs real time, as the right times lives in the real world that runs on real time.

About Peter Howes (@peterhowes)

Peter Howes believes that HR analytics is the most immature area of specialization in the HR function today. Peter strongly feels that workforce planning is about risk mitigation and the impact on the financial results and not about a best practice. Peter contends that companies invest in workforce planning only because the risk of not doing it is too great. Peter believes that successful implementation of workforce planning and analytics requires the creation of a “Center of Excellence” that supports the analytics and planning functions. Pete feels that due to this there are low hanging fruit to be had, but the real value of the analytics is realized in the long term after two-plus years of use.

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