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SAP Mobile Documents makes its first stride towards a metro ui based client for Windows devices.

With SP3 patch 1 for Desktop Client, now we also have a metro ui based companion app for desktop client for Windows 8.1 tablets. In this blog, I will introduce you to the new app, explain how you can install the app and share my first experience with the app.

(I have re-sized images to small thumbnails in the blog for better readability. Please click on the image to view the image in the original size)

Introducing new metro app

The new metro app is a companion app for standard desktop client for PC.

For the complete setup to work properly, both metro app and desktop client should be installed on the device.

The metro app doesn't sync documents from server. It only reads the file system under Mobile Docs root and presents them in SAP Mobile Document's friendly user interface. The desktop client will synchronize the documents to the device in Mobile Docs folder and the metro app will display it in SAP Mobile Documents specific user interface.

The user interface for metro app is designed for Windows tablet running on Windows 8.1. It will not run on Windows phones or Windows tablets running on Windows RT.

Installing metro app

The Metro UI app can only be installed via side-loading mechanism. It is not available on Windows Store.

Follow the steps below to install the metro app and desktop client

  1. Download “MOBILE DOCS DESKTOP 1.0 - SP3" patch 1 or onwards from service marketplace.
  2. The zip file contains
    1. exe for the Desktop Client
    2. containing the appxbundle
  3. Install the desktop client using the exe file. Please note this is not a pre-requisite to install metro UI app, but it recommeded that you should install the desktop client to have smooth experience with metro app later.
  4. To install the appxbundle file, the devices should be ready for side loading. Follow the steps here to do so: Configure PCs for Side loading requirements
  5. To install the appxbundle file, run following command in windows powershell:

add-appxpackage <full path to the appbundlefile>

Running metro app

Once the metro app is installed, you will see can launch it from your programs list. The app is called "SAP Mobile Documents Modern UI"

When you launch the metro UI for the first time, you will be asked to select the Mobile Doc root. Select the mobile doc root which is normally, “c:\users\<user-name>\Mobile Docs".

The metro app is ready to use :smile: . The first screen will be, as in the following image.

The metro app presents the content on your file system. Some nice features you will notice are:

  1. Breadcrumbs: For context awareness and faster navigation
  2. Sorting: You can sort by Name, Date, Type, and Size
  3. Search: Enter any search criteria and content is searched in real time. The search option only search in the current directory (not sub-directories).

Viewing documents

To view documents, just tap on the documents in the metro app. The app will give options to open the file, based on what relevant programs exists on your device.

From the program list, if you select any metro app, the document will open in viewer in the same screen.