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Since its launch in May 2020, the SAP Road Map Explorer tool has revolutionized the way we view product and solution road maps. The tool has been delivering precisely to the need of user-friendly technology with its Web-shop-like user interface that allows customers to personalize their road maps by filtering their search through the current and future innovations in the SAP product portfolio. Users can also view the tool from various devices (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Interface of SAP Road Map Explorer on Different Devices

So far, the efficient and user-friendly design of the tool grabbed the attention of prominent awards such as German Design Awards in 2020 and Red Dot Design Awards in 2020. Further, the statistics indicate a monthly trend with an ever-increasing number of external users, which has officially passed 91,000, and total page hits of more than 727,000 as of June 6, 2021.

Something for everyone

Until now, users had three options to search for details of the road maps of their choice. Using the search bar, quick access, or by browsing through the products, industries, and processes offered on the header, users are directed to the detailed view, displayed in a Kanban-style board (see Figures 2 and 3).

Figure 2: View of the Kanban Board on SAP Road Map Explorer

Figure 3: Landing Page of SAP Road Explorer Prior to the Business View

Now, we are evolving to meet the needs of new audiences.

The SAP Road Map Explorer tool and its new “business view” address intermediate levels in companies by offering both a fine, granular view of the road maps and the strategic vision for the different products across SAP’s portfolio as well.

What does the new business view offer?

Have you ever looked for the overall strategies and priorities of a particular road map? Or are you interested in browsing even more documents related to the road maps of a particular industry or product? And from there, navigating to the technical details?

Good news – the new business view will help you.

The business view in SAP Road Map Explorer is a new layer between the landing page and the detailed road map view, where you will have access to road map priorities by product, industry, or process (see Figure 4). It will also help you gain a more holistic view on a particular road map by offering additional details and timelines.

Figure 4: Road Map Priorities on the New Business View

To better support you in making informed decisions, SAP Road Map Explorer will link strategic road map documents to the product cluster areas. Lastly, alongside these new updates to the tool, the search bar will also be enhanced. You will be able to search for a particular business view of an industry, process, or product cluster.

Are you new to SAP Road Map Explorer and need more details about how to navigate the tool? Check out this blog post to find out how to use SAP Road Map Explorer in only five simple steps.