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We are happy to inform our SAP chemical community that the new version of SAP Best Practices for Chemicals is available as scheduled.

Our Chemicals Best Practices are designed with industry experts and the tried and tested preconfigured scenarios cover up to 80% of an industry's requirements. SAP Best Practices Chemicals quickly turns your SAP software into a live system, personalized to meet your needs.

Use SAP Best Practices to reduce costs and time. Customers who use SAP Best Practices have been able to reduce implementation time by more than 25%. Therefore a better ROI of the project costs is one of the benefits

Use SAP Best Practices to reduce risk. Pre-configurations and step-by-step documentation help to avoid mistakes. The Best Practice Chemicals is an SAP quality proved solution.

The SAP Best Practices building block library provides additional flexible configuration options. For example, you can combine the Best Practice Chemicals with an Best Practice Life Science. This combination is a need for fine Chemicals producers delivering to Life Science customers for e.g.

Best of all, it is FREE! There are no additional costs to existing customers for using the Best Practice scenarios.

This version contains several brand new scenarios including SVT (substance volume tracking), Parallel Accounting and Multiple Product Campaign Run.