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If you checked out the BPX Community site today, you may have noticed that we brought a few new topic areas online. We also made some changes and improvements to several areas. Let me take you on a quick tour of what's new and different.

New Area: Corporate Performance Management

Look in the left-hand navigation, and you'll see a new area called Corporate Performance Management. This is a place to find information, share experiences, and collaborate with fellow business process experts on the processes and metrics needed to measure and guide the performance of an organization. With the SAP acquisitions of Pilot Software and OutlookSoft and the reseller agreement with Acorn Systems, interest in these solutions is exploding. This area on the website is particularly rich in content. prakash.darji/blog moderates the Enterprise Performance Management (SAP EPM).



New Area: Organizational Change Management

Also new in the left-hand navigation is a new topic area centered around Organizational Change Management, or OCM. Kerry Brown and Caryl Barclay, from SAP's OCM team, pulled this content together. Caryl is also the moderator for the Organizational Change Management. Check out the OCM Toolkit demo that's available from the OCM page!



New Area: Wholesale Distribution

Do you work in the wholesale or retail industry? If so, you're probably interested in the new area we've brought online for the Wholesale Distribution industry in the Industries section of the site.


Restructured: Retail Industry Area

Also of interest to those in the retail industry will be the redesigned Retail industry area page. In addition to a Knowledge Center, with industry-related resources such as standards for the industry, the SAP solution map for the industry, etc., there is now a Collaboration Center, where you can find information on retail-related forums, blogs, and wiki, as well as round tables, industry value network, and enterprise service definition groups.

If you like this new structure, let us know! We're evaluating whether to carry it through to the other industry pages and perhaps to other areas as well.


Updated and Expanded: Getting Started

The Getting Started area on BPX has really undergone a big overhaul. We've divided the area into three main sections, covering:

  • the role of the business process expert (BPX) and the BPX Community
  • the BPX website and how you can participate and collaborate there
  • the business process cycle

If you're new to the community, or even if you've just never explored it thoroughly, you'll defiitely want to check this out.


Updated and Moved: Business Process Cycle

The world of the business process expert revolves around the business process cycle and the tasks involved in its various phases. The BPX Community has adopted SAP's Process Management Lifecycle (PML) as the illustration of the four phases of a business process lifecycle. The pages describing the cycle and the phases have been moved into the Getting Started area, where they serve to help those new to the community understand the tasks of a BPX throughout the cycle. See also Process Management Lifecycle and Details on New Process Management Lifecycle (PML) on the cycle.


New for BPX AND SDN: Articles Tab

And finally, browsing BPX and SDN articles just got easier! Our site has a new, top-level navigation entry called “Articles.” This new area surfaces all of the documents from the SDN and BPX library. In addition to articles, you'll find how-to guides, as well as presentations, sorted by date, format, skill level and source. To learn more, read this A New Home for Articles by Christine Merten, Content Manager and Information Architect for SDN and BPX.


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