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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

If similar behavior can be found, access SAP SMP and read following KBAs.

1          2009548 - Table THEXS: Corrupted entries cannot be exported

BEHAVIOR:     2EETW206 scrap char in NUMC field found in THEXS.REFCOUNT. See note 718511 for details.

KEYWORD:     Client copy, corrupted entries, R3Trans, export, transport

2          2167885 - 2EEOL555 Object type '"BUSISB990"' could not be

BEHAVIOR:     during upgrade or SP import, 2EEOL555 Object type '"BUSISB990"' could not be generated.

3          2172237 - SAP System has status 'not modifiable'

BEHAVIOR:      When trying to change an object, following error occurs:

TK102 SAP System has status 'not modifiable'

KEYWORD:      TK 102, modification, repository object

4          1934890 - The header for a general text cannot be saved in
transaction SE61

BEHAVIOR:     When a general text's header is edited in transaction SE61, the header cannot be


5          1934999 - No documentation available. Message no. SH720

BEHAVIOR:     When a help document is tend to be reviewed, following error occurs:

No documentation available

Message no. SH720

KEYWORD:     SH 720, online documentation

6          2096904 - ORA-22922: nonexistent LOB value in job EU_REORG

BEHAVIOR:     Job EU_REORG is cancelled and a short dump DBIF_RTAB_SQL_ERROR occurs.SQL error 22922 when accessing table "DWTREE". Error Text of the Database: "ORA-22922: nonexistent LOB value"


TO DATABASE dwtree(ap) ID apid, EXPO, //bas/721_REL/src/krn/runt/abexpo.c#8,

OutToDb, line 3505

7          1962388 - Object TX_SPAM_APPLICATION_DIALOG_1 in language EN does
not exist

BEHAVIOR:     In SPAM, Object TX_SPAM_APPLICATION_DIALOG_1 in language EN does not exist

Message no. S4601 S4 601

8          2178447 - Modification Adjustment Not Possible

BEHAVIOR:          In SPAU, following error occurs.


Modification Adjustment Not Possible

The object is contained in 1 SAP Note corrrection(s) that have not
been adjusted.


Cannot adjust. Adjust note correction(s) first

     Message no. 0M281 OM 281

9          2180238 - DDIC Inconsistency Check [Video]

BEHAVIOR:          DDIC objects, like tables, views cannot be used.

KEYWORD:          conversion, ACT_UPG, table, SPDD, SPAU, mass activation, transport, upgrade,

data dictionary, SE14, SE11, DDIC_TYPE_INCONSISTENCY, missing, database,


CONVT_NO_NUMBER, NUMC, DEC, table, index, structure

10          2048261 - Inactive runtime objects in the ABAP Dictionary

BEHAVIOR:          Transaction SPAM is running into phase CHECK_REQUIREMENT, following error

Inactive runtime objects in the ABAP Dictionary

KEYWORD:          Message no. TN761, TN 761

11          2048823 - Upgrade still running: Logon not possible / User DDIC may
not make changes in customer sys...


During an upgrade of a system based on SAP NetWeaver, when one is trying to
logon the shadow instance, following message shows at the bottom of the logon

Upgrade still running: Logon not possible

During upgrade, when modifying objects in the shadow instance using user
DDIC, following error occurs.

User DDIC may not make changes in customer

Message no. TK691 TK 691
cannot change Repository or Customizing objects in a customer
System Response
The function terminates and the
system branches to the object display.
Make the
changes as a user with the required authorization.

12          2051503 - Cannot Schedule EU jobs after installation

BEHAVIOR:          Run program SAPRSEUJ, message "Could not find print parameters for step 1"
shows in the bottom message bar. The Job EU_INIT is run but the job EU_PUT and EU_REORG are not scheduled.

13          1906031 - Retreive old version in SPAU failed on error TK 414.
[Request XXX belongs to a different c...

BEHAVIOR:          In transaction SPAU, you want to retrieve old version of an object, but you
encounter following  error. 

You may face error like [Request XXX belongs to a different client ],  (
error message TK414 ). But that client does not exist in your new upgraded

KEYWORD:          SPAU, TK414, TK 414, Request XXX belongs to a different client, upgrade, reset,

retrieve version, old client, Modification Adjustment

14          2186690 - Cannot add the URL to the area menu

BEHAVIOR:          Cannot add the URL (Node Type [Web address or file]) to an area menu

15          2054812 - How to delete non-unicode database when choosing "One
Server Method" during a single code ...

BEHAVIOR:          Note 1051576 has been reviewed. The Zip Files for each release are listed in the attachment area of
that note. If we check the single code page conversion guide in the zip file which is
attached to the note , we can find it is recommended to delete the non-Unicode

16          2204919 - Default layout format shows instead of Importing layout
format of print after upgrade

BEHAVIOR:          After entering the layout format (for example, in most case, X_65_200), the
print dialog's result shows another most suitable format (for example, in most
case X_65_80). This issue does not occur before upgrade.

If the Function Module GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS is used in an add-on program, the
addon program also has the same problem.The Import and export format of
GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS are different after upgrade.