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Let’s start with one of the key announcements, which will affect all of us who are interested in the SAP Portal and SAP UI in general - SAP Fiori Now Included With SAP Software.

This is a very big change that was requested by many of you in the last year or so. Yes, SAP is listening and making the required changes. It is not part of the title, but we shouldn’t forget also SAP Screen Personas which is a key part of the SAP Ux strategy – SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori is now included within your underlying licenses of SAP software.

So, what is the impact of this change on the SAP Portal?

As I am working and meeting with many of you in different channels and forums – ASUG Influence Council for Portals, ASUG SIG for Portals, various Customer Engagement Initiatives, the SAP Fiori Launchpad Feedback Council, several innovative POCs and in the different SAP events (SAPPHIRE, ASUG, TechEd,…), I continuously get the question/request to modernize the user interface – Clients (Portal and Business Client) as well as the business Applications. The above change will help us all to modernize our SAP Portal user interface.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

As SAP Fiori is much more than a collection of apps, but actually the new SAP User Experience, also the SAP Portal is aligning with this new, easy and very intuitive design. In the following weeks we are planning to release a key enhancement for the SAP Portal - running the SAP Fiori launchpad on the SAP Enterprise Portal, thus leveraging customers’ investment in the portal while modernizing the look & feel of the portal with an aligned UI and Ux across clients and applications.

The new Fiori launchpad running on the SAP Enterprise Portal will provide you a role based (based in the portal roles), personalized (empowering your end users to select their most relevant apps on their different devices), responsive (running on multiple devices) and very intuitive new portal framework page (and a framework page is something that we are all familiar with…). More in depth details will follow-in the coming weeks.

SAP Fiori Apps and SAP Screen Personas

So, it’s not enough to modernize the entry point - the client. The apps themselves should be modernized as well. The fact that Fiori applications are now available for you, and with SAP Screen Personas you can now simplify your SAP GUI (for HTML) transactions is a huge step towards modernizing your end-to-end SAP Portal user experience.

This is it for today. The conference is not over yet, so back to work… keep an eye on additional content that I will be publishing in the coming weeks about Fiori, Fiori launchpad and the SAP Enterprise Portal, there is much more to say and to learn.

Finally, my personal summary (till now) in pictures:

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