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How long does it take to get from Berlin to Munich?

What would you say if somebody asked you how much time you needed to drive from Berlin to Munich? I assume you would say: “it depends”. This is exactly the answer I would give you if you asked me about hardware requirements, performance, and sizing for your Web Dynpro applications.

I would like to give you some examples:
You may have implemented a brute-force attack for factoring your RSA-200 key (On a single machine, this would take about 50 years). For factoring larger keys you would not be able to buy enough hardware in your lifetime even for only one user (ok, at some distant point in the future a quantum computer may be able do it in a split-second).

You may have implemented something like a “Hello World”. Then your laptop might have enough capacity to support more than a dozen users.

So, it is pretty clear that the recommended hardware and the resulting performance depend on the complexity of your specific application and on the data volume processed.
SAP has tested some ESS scenarios that are based on Web Dynpro for Java, and you can get an idea of what hardware you will need if you use applications like these . You can find the sizing information here in the SDN. For applications that you have built, we can only give some hints and provide some assistance in measuring the actual performance of your application.

Driving from Berlin to Munich could take from 6 to 10 hours or even longer, depending on the speed you (are allowed to) drive at, what the traffic conditions are like, and so on. But the national motoring organization in your country could give you some information to help you avoid traffic jams.

In the same way, SAP can give you some information to help you make optimal use of your Web Dynpro application.