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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I am thinking of starting a Tweet series #MobileWhatIf throwing some weird wonderful and innovative thoughts out there into #Mobile twitter-land.

Here are my first few...

  • #mobilewhatif your smartphone went onto hands free mode automatically when travelling at a speed over walking distance?

  • How great would it be if your #Mobile adapted to where it is being used, changing SIM and Number, for example work & home #mobilewhatif

  • #mobilewhatif your #smartphone had the capability, through the operators, to crowdsource nuisance calls/messages and block them from calling you?

  • #mobilewhatif your #iOS device had the capability to add a configurable second layer password on all apps from settings #keepkidsoff

  • #mobilewhatif your #smartphone through #geolocation could automatically either suggest or run the #apps that you would need in that spot?

  • #mobilewhatif your smartphone became part of your cars keyless entry & ignition? Maybe not too far away?

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