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Enterprise Cloud at SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin In these sessions we will be sharing the development and architectural approaches we have taken to create a new cloud-based service that takes terabytes of data a day to create new insights and market intelligence for agencies, brands, and enterprises. The sheer volume of data, combined with the challenges of combines many data sources, and provide near real-time access has required the use of a number of innovative approaches to address this. Attendees will gain a unique insight in to how SAP has created this service, and how these approaches can be used to address other big data challenges.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 is an award-winning new service from SAP Mobile Services that enables enterprises and brands to understand consumer behavior. For the first time, brands can unlock insights based on rich Mobile Network Operator data. The service enables brands to answer several seminal questions about their customers – who they are, what they are doing, where are they coming from. Benefits include enhanced attribution of ad campaigns, cohort segmentation for targeted marketing, improvement of advertising ROI by understanding mobile web behavior and physical activities.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 enables a span of use cases, including physical footfall and catchment capabilities that enable attribution of ad campaigns. For example, if an ad campaign was initiated, retailers can finally understand whether the ads brought in the intended uplift in physical traffic into a given store. Currently, this is a major struggle amongst retailers, who are often relying on just panel data.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 can solve this challenge by

• Performing advanced demographic segmentation about real-time behavior, for any given place of interest

• Identifying top home neighborhoods where customers are coming from at a given point in time

• Tracking consumer activities, including web logs (partial paths) all based on the single source of truth – anonymized mobile data.

For the SAP receives anonymized mobile usage data from the mobile network operator which is then stored in our  cloud-based service where it then runs additional analytics to enrich the data with socio-demographic and other attributes. The output is then made available through an interactive reporting portal to business customers. Raw data, or data that be used to identify an individual is not accessible by end-users.

To realize this new service SAP implemented a three-tiered data stack approach: hot (SAP HANA), warm (dynamic tiering / SAP IQ) and cold (Apache Hadoop / MapR). Coupling this tiered approach with SAP HANA’s power to parse through billions of records in real time speeds to answer today’s big data questions.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 is an innovative approach enabling markets to empirically measure consumer actions and reactions exhibited through their mobile usage patterns. This mobile data can now be applied to solve problems in a variety of industries, and enabling businesses to have a deep understanding of their consumer base through the data.

• Increase capabilities for unstructured data and streaming data

• Analyze more data types together in SAP HANA + Apache Hadoop

• Provide online, long-tail storage/processing for historical data

• Analyze larger windows of data in batch for more accurate insights

• Manage big data scale-out capacity on commodity hardware

• Free up resources for your high value analytics on SAP

• Reduce SAP HANA / IQ storage costs while retaining speed/manageability

• Deploy MapR for the speed/capabilities of SAN and the cost-effectiveness of Hadoop

The tiered approach can be applied to other big data projects needing an innovative way to store their data.

We will be running two sessions for SAP Consumer Insights 365 at SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin – please join us to learn more about the development behind this new service.

Tuesday, 11th November 13:30 – 14:30 Location: Bridge C (Hall 6) Room: Dessau 2

Wednesday, 12th November 13:30 – 14:30 Location: Bridge C (Hall 6) Room: Dessau 2