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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Over the next few weeks I will be speaking with Sanjay Kalyanasundaram, Director Developer Program at Mocana, to get an overview of SAP Mobile Secure by Mocana. In future CodeTalks Sanjay will explain a number of MAP (Mobile App Protection) policies supported.

The first 'Introduction' CodeTalk is available here and the others will follow on a Thursday from April 10 onwards.

CodeTalk #1 (Email Enforcement , App Federation, Copy and Past Protection, App Expiration) here

CodeTalk #2 (Browser Single Sign On, Require Password, Data Wipe, User Agreement) here

CodeTalk #3 (Encrypted Data - at Rest, Smart Firewall, Jail Broken Root Detection) here

CodeTalk #4 (Per App VPN) here

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