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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I’m at  SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and wish you were here too! I have been listening to customers, partners and experts from all over the world—it’s been a great experience so far. You want to provide your customers the full breadth and depth of SAP ERP with the latest SAP innovations within a predictable and accelerated implementation time? SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help today. I’m here to create more awareness for the benefit how you can expect from SAP ERP rapid-deployment solutions as well as SAP ERP Foundation Extension.

If you are here you should find me to say hello to me! If you couldn’t make it here is my cheat sheet for those who want to learn more.

The latest SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution covers business processes for production, sales, procurement, services, finance and controlling. This solution offers the latest innovations for SAP Business Suite based on proven SAP Best Practices knowledge. Your customer has the full flexibility to choose the application he wants to start now and expand the footprint later on. To learn more about the new SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution read the following SCN blog or watch Schaidt Innovations testimony video. Within only a few weeks Schaidt Innovations implemented SAP ERP powered by SAP using an SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution in a fully managed cloud environment with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Taking the solid base of SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution, the rapid-deployment solution for SAP ERP Foundation Extension is available with extended innovations. It integrates the best practices of five proven rapid-deployment solutions into one preinstalled technical landscape, providing SAP ERP with SAP Fiori, SAP HANA Live, and SAP Access Control capabilities. This solution is delivered as software appliance and offers the fastest adoption path of Suite on HANA in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, in SAP partner private cloud, and on premise. Read this [Blog] to learn more about this rapid-deployment solution.

I’m spending most of my time at the SAP Rapid Deployment Launch Pad LB226 where attendees get access to experts and demos.  But you can get the same right here. Check out these demos on your iPad to try the demos out for yourself.  And if you have any questions put it in the comments below and I’d be happy to help answer.

SAP ERP Foundation Extension with optional Cloud for Sales:

SAP ERP Foundation Extension with Fiori Sales Processing: