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Today’s corporations work in a highly competitive environment. Each decision which can make a difference in Sales needs to be considered carefully. It’s here where Miller Heiman comes into the game.

Miller Heiman is a sales performance company, who works with leading organizations to improve sales effectiveness. Miller Heiman Sales System drives sales performance through disciplined processes to effectively create and manage opportunities and manage relationships. This involves analyzing Deals and accounts, preparing strategies, and identifying specific actions, accountabilities and timelines needed to execute the strategy.

The SAP CRM – Miller Heiman integration service from Knack Systems integrates Sales Access Manager from Miller Heiman/White Springs with SAP CRM 7.0 for Conceptual Selling®, Strategic Selling® and Large Account Management Process®. This integration allows data entered in SAP CRM 7.0 Opportunity, Accounts and Activities into Miller Heiman Blue, Gold and Green sheet in real time. This enables the sales teams to fully leverage the power of SAP CRM as one single enterprise CRM system and extends its functionality to leverage Miller Heiman sales processes in a highly efficient manner. This also provides sales managers with instant visibility into the activity and strategies of their salespeople to make more informed management decisions. It significantly improves adoption of Sales Methodology and CRM system investments, enabling the creation of a highly productive, efficient and effective sales organization.

There are three areas of Integration in the connector:

  • Blue Sheet Integration with SAP CRM Opportunity Management
  • Green Sheet Integration with SAP CRM Activity Management
  • Gold sheet Integration SAP CRM Account Management  

The Strategic Selling® and the Blue Sheet planning tool empowers sellers to build and maintain a strategic approach to pursuing opportunities. The Blue Sheet gives sales people an easy and user-friendly way to build strategies for individual opportunities moving them to close faster. The Blue Sheet can be directly opened from the Opportunity out of SAP CRM. There is a bidirectional Data Exchange between SAP CRM and the MH Blue Sheet of Data like Opportunity Name, Sales Person, Sales Volume etc. Furthermore there is an additional Assignment Block displayed in the Opportunity which shows MH specific Data like Competition Type, Adequacy of Current Position etc.

Conceptual Selling® and the Green Sheet planning tool focuses sellers on the effective management of their individual sales calls helping them properly position their products. The Green Sheet give sales people a consistent process for leveraging every customer interaction as they move through the sales cycle. The Green Sheet can be directly opened from any Activity out of CRM. There is also a bidirectional Data Exchange between SAP CRM and the MH Green Sheet of Data like Account Name, Sales Revenue etc. In the CRM Activity are in addition Green Sheet specific Information displayed, like the Buying Influencer Concept, Best Action Commitment etc.


LAMP® and the Gold Sheet planning tool enhances the sellers’ ability to build lasting relationships with their largest customers. The Gold Sheet gives sales teams a repeatable and reliable way to exchange information and build 1-3 year strategies to grow their most profitable customers. The Gold Sheet can be directly opened from the Account out of SAP CRM. There is also a bidirectional Data Exchange between SAP CRM and the Gold Sheet. Additionally Gold Sheet Specific Information like the Buy Sell Hierarchy are displayed in the Account .