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The SAP Services team consults with many IT executives. These leaders work in companies of all sizes, and they represent a wide variety of industries. Yet despite their differences, nearly all face the same intense pressure to optimize operations, cut costs, and maximize the use of every resource. Sound familiar?

Technology professionals understand how powerful solutions can help their company become a best-run business. But by customizing their software, many organizations add complexity to the IT systems landscape. This complexity often increases maintenance effort, drives costs higher, and prevents users from realizing the full benefits of the software. What’s more, by boosting the need for maintenance and administration, customized applications can dilute the focus on business innovation.

In a recent survey of SAP Services customers, 80% of CIOs said they want to harness more value from their solutions. They’re looking for clear steps to help them improve software usability, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and take advantage of innovative technologies. And with a TCO assessment service option, this dream can become a reality.

A TCO assessment service is designed to help drive new operational efficiencies and IT savings by simplifying, standardizing, and consolidating a software landscape. In as little as eight days, IT experts can identify opportunities for minimizing the complexity of your IT landscape and reduce TCO.

Here’s how it works: You would meet with a services consultant to assess your current operations and system landscape. A team of consultants delivers a complete set of customized recommendations, including an operations issue list with prioritized opportunities for potential improvement and cost savings. The service includes an execution road map that scopes out the timelines and effort needed to achieve both quick wins and longer-term improvements. A benchmark analysis compares your operations and process maturity with those of peers in your industry, and an innovation road map offers insight that helps you prepare for business growth.

Maximizing the value of your solutions is critical to your business success. Who is better-suited to help you realize this goal than technology experts who best understand your business environment and market challenges? The SAP team has delivered TCO assessment services to dozens of customers in a variety of industries. With a minimal investment of time in TCO assessment services, our forward-looking customers have been able to not only realized new savings, but also created a clear path to success.

Find out how the TCO assessment service from SAP can help meet your cost reduction and IT simplification goals while freeing the capacity and budgets necessary to support innovation. For more information on how you can use the TCO assessment service to drive new operational efficiencies and IT savings, view this infographic at , or visit us at