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In 2015 we introduced the SAP Marketing Academy Live Series to share key digital marketing trends for partner marketers. The sessions are deliberately short but interactive and designed to help partners generate demand and sharpen their marketing skills. In 2016, the Live Series continues to offer best practice digital sessions and released each ‘semester’ so you can register and plan ahead. Partners are welcome to participate in all sessions, but you can also pick and choose the sessions that are most relevant to your needs and interests. 

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Upcoming sessions

Mar 29 SAP’s Digital Transformation to Run Simple › Learn how ONE Digital Experience (1DX) enables SAP to Run Simple, making it easy to do business with us online. By providing relevance – the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, the SAP Experience team helps our audiences meet their information needs, which ultimately drives revenue. We shape a relevant, simple, and engaging SAP Experience, and we do so digital first, supporting our customers throughout their buying journey. Join Maggie Fox to hear how you can leverage SAP’s industry-recognized digital experience to engage with your customers.

Apr 12 Move from Digital Tactics to Digital Marketing – Become a Modern Marketer › How digital is your Marketing Organization today and how digital are YOU? Do you feel, that Marketing today is a different game but you don’t know what it takes to go beyond “doing Social Media” and having a website? Marketers today feel often stuck in transformation and find it difficult to bridge between ever changing customer behavior, new approaches like Content & Context Marketing and demand creation requirements.  In this session you will learn more about what it needs to do Marketing of the Future, understand the meaning of content and context Marketing and learn about skills you need to be successful.

Apr 26 SAP’s New SME Marketing Campaign – Live Business › SAP live business system technology enables companies to use real-time awareness to meet customer demand at the moment of opportunity. Find out how SAP’s New SME Marketing Campaign is communicating this vision of using technology to tune operations, run simple, and more effectively meet each customer’s most critical needs.

May 10 Get Noticed in Social – Top Tips to Increase Your Visibility › Buyers are up to 90 percent committed before they ever contact vendors. How to Get Noticed in Social shows you how to beat the statistics, create visibility across online channels, and influence buyers early in their buying process. Join us to learn the best practices you need to generate demand with SAP.

May 24 Social Selling for Marketers – Optimise your Personal Brand and Learn About  LinkedIn Sales Navigator › Learn the benefits of Social Selling to help support your marketing efforts. Develop efficient and effective marketing activities with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Partners who participate in this session will receive a free one year Linked In Sales Navigator licence.